Delay Spray Vs Delay Cream: Which Is Better For Premature Ejaculation


In the world, one of the most common sexual disorders is premature ejaculation. This article will help you in deciding delay sprays or creams are better suited for you.

Delay Sprays and Creams

Delay sprays and creams both lidocaine, which reduces sensitivity when applied to the tissue. To our body part when lidocaine is applied our nerves become unable to use negative sodium ions and create a signal.

As we know one of the most common causes of PE is sensitivity, in the penis reducing sensitivity is effective and also helps you last longer during sexual intercourse. Throughout your entire penis, the numbing will not occur so you will still be able to have enjoyable and pleasurable sex.

• What is Delay Spray and Its Work?

 Many men suffering from premature ejaculation look for treatment and delay sprays have proven effective. These are desensitizing-based products, which help in solving premature ejaculation to last longer during sex. They are safe and easy-to-use that before sexual activity you can use them r 10 to 15 minutes.

• Delay sprays Are Effective

The effectiveness of the delay spray on males suffering from premature ejaculation showed that they are easy to use and effective. The use of delay spray improves the quality of coitus intercourse in men with premature ejaculation. These sprays help men last longer in bed, adding more time to their sexual intercourse duration. However, the effects vary a bit for each user.

• Safe To Use

Before using spray thoroughly washed off genital organs if you want to use a condom. You can only use up to 110 mg of spray. It provides the best treatment for solving PE issues. You can increase sex time by using this product.  The more you use the stronger results you will get. Using a delay spray is not very difficult but it requires little knowledge, it is still good to follow the guide provided by the manufacturer.

• What Is Delay Cream and How You Can Use It?

Unlike delay sprays, onto the skin delay creams are not sprayed but manually applied with your hands. To use delay cream carefully apply it to the tip of the genital organ, which is the most sensitive area to touch. Numbing this area allows you to last longer and feel less during sex. The cream works effectively if used 30 minutes before sexual activity.

• Delay Creams Are How Much Effective

Compared to delay sprays,  delay creams usually contain a mixture of both lidocaine and prilocaine. In treating PE lidocaine-prilocaine creams are effective. A huge benefit of delay cream as compared to delay spray is that some males might find it easier to use and apply delay creams. This is because males can have control over the application, making it easier for covering penis-specific areas. Remember onto your penis after applying the cream, you have to completely wash your hands. Before sexual intercourse, you also have to wash the cream away.

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